tara higgins oil painter, curator, and owner of h squared gallery in Fernie, BC, Canada

tara higgins
Painter, Curator, Founder

"I have painted in some form or another all of my life. It is a process where I feel most at home and where my curiosity is always piqued.

In each painting I explore the evocation of mood through texture and colour.  With blatant overlapping strokes and under mixed colours I aim to reflect the unrefined, richly textured landscape that is my backyard."

juliana rempel
Ceramic Artist

"Growing up in Southern Alberta the influence of the Prairie landscape is strong within my work. Through sculpture, wall art and pottery my work focuses on the study of process and progression, exposing the accumulation of form and surface over time. My work is greatly influenced by the process of making within the discipline of ceramics."

Juliana Rempel, Canadian potter from Alberta, creating mugs, tiled wall art, vases, sippers, bowls, and more
Heather Dynes-Smit Canadian traditional potter, ceramic artist, at h squared gallery in Fernie, BC

heather dynes-smit
Ceramic Artist

"The pots I make are an exploration of how sculptural form, function and simplicity can exist in the everyday, utilitarian object.  The soft slab, hand building process is a direct reference to the construction of old-timey, worn tin ware. Surface created through wood firing helps evoke a sense of nostalgia, creating a dialogue of memory between user and maker through everyday use."

meghan bellamy
Wood Landscape Artist

"I believe that artwork should be both calming and beautiful. As someone with anxiety I know how it helps improve your overall wellbeing to decorate your home with items that make you feel good. After several people told me that my art is calming, I realized I was trying to soothe my anxiety through art. I’m so happy to extend that peaceful feeling to the walls of your home."

Meghan Bellamy calm wood landscapes by BC Canada artist
Tundra Drinking Glass with thumb divot by Dougherty Glassworks in East Vancouver at h squared gallery in Fernie, BC

dougherty glassworks
Glass Artist

"My work utilizes a mid-century modern aesthetic combined with a contemporary twist, and so is focused on making functional art pieces that make a statement. Hand-making each item with individual care and focus, I aim for our products to add a sophisticated and eye-catching polish to any space."

beverley hawksley
Mixed-media Artist

"Maybe we can only give momentary substance to time. Situations, feelings and emotions shift and a new moment shows up with its own agenda. This impermanence requires us to gather up the residue from previous moments and tuck it in our cells for future reference. Our individual and collective stories are alive in this residue, just waiting for the telling. My practice is based on the responsibility I feel towards giving substance to this understanding."

Bronwyn Arundel landscape pottery bowls and dishes handcrafted in white clay with blue and green finishes

bronwyn arundel
Ceramic Artist

"I’m making art but I’m also making something that’s practical that people take into their homes and use day after day. I feel like having craft in you home elevates it and makes your coffee taste better!"

lucy schappy

"The greatest joy comes from the act of discovery, of finding new ways to express my sense of wonder for the world. I love to explore many subjects in my work and find the beauty and magic in them. I strive to make work that is innocent and childlike, fresh and from the heart."

Lucy-schappy-spring flowers-hsquared-gallery-fernie
pursuits jewellery designer in Toronto at h squared gallery in Fernie - Mira earrings - best wedding party gift ideas

pursuits - vanassa chan
Jewellery Designer

"I aim to bring the allure of bold shapes and striking forms to the everyday. Designing every season's collection begins by hand with paper and brass maquettes. Each piece undergoes many stages of testing and material exploration and all of the designs are developed with the wearer in mind."

katriona drijber
Ceramic Artist

"The paintings and drawings of animals that live in the Rocky Mountains alongside humans disrupt the infinite patterns that cover my ceramic objects. They appear upon and inside of objects that normally reside in the domestic space such as cups and bowls, functional objects that themselves are central to many everyday patterns of human behavior. The animal depictions are, I hope, a reminder that we share this world with other beings who we so often forget about."

Katy Drijber's porcelain droopy mugs with gold deer decal - standing deer and jumping deer, at h squared gallery in Fernie, BC
sam Sedlowsky's pixel prairie, fabric artist, framed wall art at h squared gallery downtown Fernie

sam sedlowsky
Fibre Artist

"I am excited to share my love of fabric in a unique medium."

kerri holmes
Ceramic Artist

"I love the endless challenge that clay and everything to do with pottery provides. Clay is the medium through which I reach out to community and inwards, to create peace."

Kerri Holmes pottery at h squared gallery - short titanium mugs in various handle sizes etc

inkybec - becca davies
Lino Print Artist

"I illustrate my memories, moments I've experienced and things that are important to me hoping that you can also draw a narrative from a similar, happy experience."

shantael sleight

"Similar to how a poet employs metaphor and allusion, my goal is that each painting inhabits a space between representation and abstraction."

Watery Sunlight-24x24-Shantael Sleight
Large skyline granite clay vases by Topopots with mountain range in white at h squared gallery downtown Fernie

topo pots - janet ng
Ceramic Artist

"A collector reached out and told me they use one of my mugs every day. It makes me happy to hear that a piece I thoughtfully made with my hands is used for someone's everyday ritual."

erin stelmaschuk biegel
Gyotaku Print Artist

"I have loved making these pieces, taking the fish that my family has caught, and making art from them!  Each print is an original, and the fish were caught in Southern Alberta."


discovery ceramics 
Ceramic Artist

"I'm Brenda, the heart and hands behind Discovery Ceramics. I’m a self taught ceramic artist living and creating on Vancouver Island, Canada."

lisa roy 

"Every painting is an intuitive experiment in layers of colour, shape and texture. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, my memories and the dialogue in my head. My work combines a tension of gestural mark making and consciously executed elements with layer upon layer of colour. There is a definite chaos as each painting evolves until eventually a visual order seems to emerge."

Lisa Roy painting Twisting the Truth - oil on canvas - at h squared art gallery in Fernie, BC Canada
'cold stream' larger original acrylic landscape painting by Oksana Alekseeva, Canadian painter and artist

oksana alekseeva 

"As a contemporary landscape artist, I strive to capture the essence and beauty of the natural world through my paintings. My works feature sweeping brushstrokes that evoke the movement and energy of the landscapes I depict, while also emphasizing the interplay between light and shadow.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create works that inspire and uplift, that bring a sense of peace and wonder to those who view them. Through  sweeping brushstrokes and striking color contrasts, I aim to convey the majesty and magic of the natural world, and to encourage others to appreciate and protect the precious landscapes that surround us."

chantey dayal 

"I am beyond grateful to have my little home studio. It is a humble happy working space. It houses paint and brushes and piles of mess and tea cups and candles. It has stacks of rejected work that patiently waits for a second chance. It is warmed with music movement and a pellet stove. It loves it when friends hang out from time to time. Making art in this space is a privilege and a joy."

Cosmic by Chantey Dayal, bear, acrylic and oil stick on canvas, at h squared gallery, home to Canadian artists, makers, and artisans.
Leah Petrucci cheeries, donuts, blown glass sculptures from Calgary in blue and green

leah petrucci
Glass Artist

"We believe that being surrounded by beauty is vital to our well being and that nature’s spectacle is an ideal source of artistic inspiration. We aim to create beautiful objects that respect our planet by using upcycled materials and the latest low energy LED technologies. We thus hope that generations to come can continue to admire nature’s beauty."

barter design
Handcrafted Furniture & Dinnerware

"We are dedicated to creating beautiful, functional and timeless pieces that reflect the power of natural. From handcrafted furniture to beautiful serve and dinnerware, every item we create is designed to help you connect with nature in your daily life and last for generations. .

A balance between learning from local craft masters and local sustainable material potential, we strive to make products that are beautiful and purposeful, becoming valued family pieces that can be handed down over the generations, gaining the patina of time, our most valuable resource.

barter design from Vancouver furniture designer's solid wood lift stool

umbra & lux
Lighting and Suspended Art Artists

"We believe that being surrounded by beauty is vital to our well being and that nature’s spectacle is an ideal source of artistic inspiration. We aim to create beautiful objects that respect our planet by using upcycled materials and the latest low energy LED technologies. We thus hope that generations to come can continue to admire nature’s beauty."

jamie mccallum

"My work is a reflection of my inner spirit and the journey of my creative purpose. It speaks of my return back to Canada, the farm girl I have always been, and the Prairies that called me back home."

featured artist

Jackie Impey Canadian abstract mixed media painter at h squared gallery - floral abstract with lime green, teal, pinks

jackie impey

"I love abstraction as it allows me to be intuitive and expressive.  Non-objective painting is soul nurturing for the artist and viewer. I don't subscibe to one particular style or approach with my art.  Exploration is key."