about us

h squared gallery began as a back alley gallery formed in the studio of Canadian landscape painter Tara Higgins. Now located in historic downtown Fernie, B.C, Canada it is the home to art, ideas and pottery.

As well as solo creations Tara and Kerri collaborate, where Kerri throws the pieces and Tara decorates, carving into them when they are leather hard adding layers of slip and sealing them with a clear glaze between firings. Thus h squared was born, Holmes and Higgins collide.


Tara Higgins

"I have painted in some form or another all of my life. It is a process where I feel most at home and where my curiosity is always piqued.

In each painting I explore the evocation of mood through texture and colour.  With blatant overlapping strokes and under mixed colours I aim to reflect the unrefined, richly textured landscape that is my backyard."


Tara Higgins has a full background in the arts.  She has studied painting in Oxford, England; Venice, Italy; Amsterdam, Holland; and Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

At Clark University in the States she received her BA in theatre set design and scenic painting. She has had the privilege to study under K.B Hancock, a world-renowned landscape painter and to have been mentored by the reputed Canadian artist Angela Morgan.

Tara now resides in BC and is strongly connected to the natural world around her; this connection is reflected deeply in her work. She draws out the trees from the woods and through bold brush strokes and an intuitive sense of colour her paintings become striking impressions of iconic Canadian Landscapes.

Tara Higgins’ work has appeared internationally in magazines, newspapers and television and is hung in private and corporate collections across the globe.

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Kerri Holmes

"I love the endless challenge that clay and everything to do with pottery provides. Clay is the medium through which I reach out to community and inwards, to create peace.


Red stoneware reminds Kerri of the Nova Scotia mudflats were her family reunited every summer. It's a warm and earthy reminder of humble beginnings. Kerri alters weel thrown shapes. Her signature white glaze is rich in titanium that responds well to surface textures. 

She studies ceramics at Kootenay School of the Arts and Alberta College of Art and Design. She teaches worshops for adults and children as well as volunteering at the Fernie Arts Station in their pottery studio.

Kerri's pots are for everyday service. They may be put in the dishwasher or microwave.