Leafy Greens Mug


Delicate carved lines and splashes of coloured underglaze make for a perfect botanical surface on these lovely mugs by Juliana Rempel. Sure to elevate any beverage contained within!


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These cute, cozy mugs are great for all your beverage needs, from tea and coffee to water, juice or wine. Generous handles ensure room for fingers of all sizes!

  • This mug is made from red Plainsman stoneware, dipped in fluid porcelain slip, and hand painted with beautiful leaves. 
  • Wheel-thrown and hand carved, each item is one of a kind.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe; however, hand-washing is recommended.

Approximate Dimensions

  • 2.75″ high x 3″ wide 
  • Holds approximately 250 mL or one cup