about the artist

Creating captivating artwork alive with vibrant hues and rich texture, Nadine Johnson channels delight and sentimentality in her paintings, embracing familial inclusivity and diversity.

The Calgary-based artist, who affectionately considers herself a Heinz 57, was nurtured within a family of Lebanese, Ukrainian, Scottish, and English origins, where artistry flowed through their veins. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural heritage, Johnson’s intuitive approach to abstract painting embodies the essence of family, community, and connection.

Johnson paints multiple layers, which she considers essential for cultivating visual interest and curiosity in her work. Each layer reinforces its inherent relationship to a memory or a story, forming a distinct thread that intricately weaves everything together. Through her process, she pays tribute to her influences with a sense of reverence, creating an unexpected amalgamation of materials that connects the viewer with the art and the artist.

Nadine Johnson, Calgary based abstract artist at. h squared gallery in Fernie, BC Canada