about the artist

For Sam Sedlowsky, one of the joys of learning to art quilt has been how the natural and man-made landscapes around her have transformed to fabric in her mind. Like putting on special glasses, the world simplifies, colours change, and details transform.

Sam has always loved to sew but hasn’t ever been very interested in following patterns. With a nudge from her friend and art quilter Alison  Cowitz, and joining the Fernie Quilt Guild with her mom, everything clicked. With an amazing and  knowledgeable group who inspire her every day, she’s found her place. 

Working from a fabric stash decades in the making, Sam uses upcycled materials for her fabric collage. Therefore, her work is thoughtfully economical and environmentally concious.

Sam has made a commitment to creating her art only from collected scraps and dumpster diverted materials (including the frames) but still producing work of immense skill and quality all from her multi-generational home in Fernie, BC.