Tundra Drinking Glass




The Tundra series drinking glasses from Dougherty Glassworks are available in a 3.5″ highball size.
Featuring an ergonomic thumb divot for a very tactile experience while having a cocktail, smoothie, or whatever it is you are enjoying.
A matrix of bubbles and the DGW logo gives visual interest to the inside of the glass.

Every Dougherty Glassworks piece is handmade and individually unique. Slight variations in colour and small bubbles are evidence of the handcrafted process.

Available Colours: Glacial Blue, Clear Ice, Smoke Grey, and Lichen Green.

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Tundra Drinking Glass – Glacial Blue, Tundra Drinking Glass – Clear Ice, Tundra Drinking Glass – Smoke Grey, Tundra Drinking Glass – Lichen Green


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